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 We are a & VMEdu Authorized Training Partner.
The Global Accreditation Body for PM Scrum & Agile, Marketing, IT Service, & Quality Mgmt. Certifications. Why CERTIFY In...  


Our Story

We develop professional capacity. We make learning simple, 'cos we love to find simple solutions to complex learning challenges.

We organize and collaborate with local and international organizations, professional certification associations, businesses, and schools to implement successful project management and strategic leadership training, workshops, and conferences for you or your organization.

Our Services

Professional and Organizational Development

Count Institute provide professional competency development, which helps business performance, and growth.

Leadership Development
Leadership Development

Organizations are always looking for great leaders, who can create a culture of performance to accelerate results and sustain competitiveness. And we build capacity for skilled and successful leadership.

Management Advancement
Management Advancement

Technology and social advancements have made business management more challenging for low, middle, and top functional managers. We provide the requisite knowledge, skills, and ability to make managing easier.

Strategic Management
Strategic Management

Successful strategic management of operations or projects put organizations where they want to be; at the top of their industries. We help deliver value so to achieve desired sets of strategic goals.

Project Management
Project Management

More industries need professionals who can implement PM's principles, practices, tools, and technologies, effectively. But they must know what to do, how to do it, and with whom to do it. We train to certify professionals in PM, Scrum, and Agile Methods.


Our Mission

To help professionals evolve their equity by advancing knowledge, certifiable skills, and ability.

Our education or training help professional perform competently and with confidence in their enterprises, as they create and distributing prosperity to fulfill their personal or organizational goals and their God-given purposes.

Our Classes/Workshops

Learn a Profession. Get Certified!

Sign up for a Workshop, Virtual, Online, or Instructor-led training. Some of our courses, training, or conferences help you prep for professional certification. Some develop your professional capacity more. Others jump-start you into the profession.


Established 2010

A Knowledge & Skills Delivery Agency, that works hard to make you look professional at work.


Careers at Count Institute

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Can you already tell that we practice what we preach and preach what we practice? Yes, we do. That is how we can engage learners with the right knowledge, sharpen their skills, and enhance their ability to perform at work. We are learner practitioners...



Expert People

Skillful and Passionate Team

We accumulate vocational and professional, academic and executive, experiential and expert knowledge, skills, and abilities from competencies in engineering to e-learning, technology to decision sciences, project management to process improvement, strategic planning to business development, management to marketing, humanities to human resources, and...

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